ORHS 9th grade campus
"Where War Eagle Traditions Begin!"

Allison Barnes
Front Office: 281-465-5000

Algebera I
Special Education
Support Facilitation
w/Mrs. Van Gundy

Please click the link below for
Mrs. Van Gundy's
classroom info., calendar, and assignments.

Required Supplies:

Algebra 1 - Each student should bring the following supplies.
                - 12 pack of #2 pencils
                - Kleenex (tissue box)
                - 1 binder & dividers
                - 1 pack of "AAA" batteries
        Recommended: Ti83 or Ti-84 plus calculator

Algebra 1 Tutorials

Mr. Fuller
Mr. Beaumont
Mrs. Van Gundy
Mr. Rodgers
Mrs. Pavlock
Mr. Weibel
Mrs. Arnold
Barnes - by request

                                 (Access your child's grades)


Red Days - odd
Blue Days - even
1st  Conference
2nd  Algebra 1 (w/Vangundy)             Mrs. Van Gundy's website

3rd  Algebra 1 (w/Vangundy)             Mrs. Van Gundy's website

4th  Algebra 1 (w/Vangundy)             Mrs. Van Gundy's website
5th  Algebra 1 (w/Vangundy)             Mrs. Van Gundy's website

7th  Algebra 1 (w/Vangundy)             Mrs. Van Gundy's website

8th  Conference/Team Planning


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