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Amanda Brimberry
Woman's Athletic Coordinator
Head Softball Coach
Oak Ridge Senior Campus

Red Day
7:20 - 8:57  1st period  Biology 9th Grade Campus
9:05 - 10:50  3rd Period Ahtletic Conference
10:58  - 12:25 5th period Softball I
1:05 - 2:35 7th period Softball II

Blue Day
7:20 - 8:57 2nd Biology Conference
9:05 - 10:50 4th period Athletic Conference
10:58 - 12:25 6th period Softball I
1:05 - 2:35 8th period Softball II

Thank you to all of the girls who have been puting in hardwork and came out to softball Tryouts.  Making the decision to cut girls from the program is very tough, because we enjoy working with each and every girl.  Unfortunately we are at the size where we have to make some tough decisions.  Listed below are the 43 girls who made it above the cut line.  The starred players have either yet to tryout or are ones who are alternates until all tryouts are complete.  
        Amanda Cunniff 12th             Haley Nillen 10th               Autumn Sydlik 10th         Jade Laird  10th
        Makenzie Mays 10th              Natalie Boyett 11th             Becca Foster 12th          Kim Manuel 10th
        Michelle Soules  9th            Morgan Rosbraugh 12th   Chey Cavanaugh 11th        Alicia Hill 12th
        Mckenzie Moore 9th              Taylor Brandon 10th             Carlie Darnell 10th        Bri McKeel 10th
        Rhian Journey  10th             Aiyana Freeney 10th             Carter Spexarth 11th       Madi Mays 12th
        Brandi Harris   10th            Felicity Watkins 9th            Greer Chrisman 10th        Hannah Diehl 10th
        Lauren Hastings 9th             Kalea Hartman 10th              Madi O'neal 10th         Gabbi Rodriguez 12th
        Bry Venegas 11th                Stevie Wallace 10th             Mikayla Marriott 10th    Sydney Cantrell 10th
        Valarie Nixon 10th              Sierra Baldwin 9th              Makenzie Carder 9th      Makenzie Barnes 9th
        Makenzie Ruthstrom 10th Emily Newlon 10th               Randi Howard 9th         Ashley Pena 9th
        Makenzie Pearce 9th             Kylie Hunt 11th
                **Madison McWilliams  **Faith Dureso  **Brianna Rodriguez  **Ashley Crawford
Please forgive me for any misspelling of names.  I do not have the official spelling of the names in front of me.  Also we six Makenzie's and the all spell them in different ways.                                             


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